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Look for the calm within yourself

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

The older you get the faster time flies.

The older you get the faster time flies.  Don't ask me why but it just does. The summer was terrific in Toronto, hot, filled with lots of great people and activities.  My older grandchildren spent most of the summer at overnight camp, even the six year old, and I was so happy to see them when they returned in August.  The little ones were close by and we were able to have some great swim days.

September is always the start of the school year and the pace seems to increase dramatically.  This year the Jewish New Year holidays were early and lots of work but I am always grateful that I have family to share traditions with.

Next week my colleague Ron Frey and I train another group of clinicians who want to learn Interpersonal Psychotherapy. The very valuable psychotherapy model we teach and supervise and share in this blog.

The most exciting news is that our upcoming book published by New World Library, has gone to the printers, is available for preorder through Amazon Canada and the U.S., Chapters and Barnes and Noble, and will be released mid to late November.  FEELING BETTER Beat Depression and Improve Relationships with Interpersonal Psychotherapy has been the culmination of three years work. I have never written a book and I have learned a tremendous amount. I love the book. Our cowriter Jennifer Dawson showed me the skill and talent that writers possess. She captured our voices and the model perfectly.

I am looking forward to building relationships with readers. The book gives us an opportunity to share something valuable with anyone struggling with depression and/or relationship difficulties. Or anyone who has a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague struggling.  I look forward to being able to hear from people who read the book so please email, tweet, instagram, facebook, all the ways we are able to connect far and wide these days.

Please spread the word that FEELING BETTER is coming and I cant wait to share this and ourselves (lots of personal stories) with you.

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